What happens to a dream deferred?

How far would you go to bring your artistic vision to life? Sex, violence and a mysterious backer derail one transman’s desperate attempt to remake Dido of Carthage. An absurd look into compromise when art and commerce collide.

Partial Nudity. Sexual themes. Comedy.

Unable to find another backer for his passion project, Dido Queen of Carthage, fledgling wanna-be-director, E.Q. finds himself in a compromising position as he tries to satisfy a mysterious backer’s fetishes while maintaining some morsel of control over his cast of porn stars and his beloved text.

Porno was originally written and directed by Sean Graney (the hypocrites) and produced in Chicago in 2006. It’s a seven-person ensemble, part black comedy, part farce. Considered the most controversial piece of theatre that year, we’re dealing with themes of marginalization and compromise where art meets commerce. With a fresh look and a soft re-write, Porno Dido has evolved into a story about salvation in the face of adversity, rather than despair in the face of doom.

David Lynch meets a less violent Quentin Tarantino.

A dark comedy originating in Chicago, this is the L.A. premiere.